Research interests

  • Urban air mobility
  • Airspace design
  • Air traffic complexity metric
  • Air traffic flow management
  • Aircraft conflict detection and resolution
  • 4D trajectory prediction

Research projects

During PhD

Adaptive structuring of unmanned traffic: A UTM concept (2019 - 2022), Funded by research project CONCORDE of the Defense Innovation Agency (AID) of the French Ministry of Defense (2019650090004707501)

The objective of this project is to propose solutions for the organization of large-scale drone traffic that maximizes the use of airspace while respecting the constraints of civil air traffic. Such planning will automatically structure UAV into flows in order to increase the overall airspace capacity. Such flow structuring will be also applied in a dynamical way.

Data-driven conflict detection enhancement for en-route operations (2019 - 2020), Optim group, ENAC

In this project, we investigates how to accurately determine the distance and time of closest approach between flights in the en-route phase by using machine learning algorithms with mode-S data. Such results will be used to assist mid-term conflict detection with the lookahead time of 5-20 minutes.

4D trajectory prediction with machine learning models (2017 - 2019), Optim group, ENAC

This project aims to improve the operational efficiency and the predictability of air traffic by short-term trajectory prediction in terminal manoeuvring area by application of machine learning methods.

during Undergraduate / MSc

  • Separation standard assessment of C919 (2019), ATM Operation Planning and Safety Techniques Key Lab of Tianjin, CAUC
    • Assess the current horizontal, vertical separation of aircraft type C919 based on the collision risk.
  • Short-term air traffic flow prediction on XXIA airport (2018), ATM Operation Planning and Safety Techniques Key Lab of Tianjin, CAUC
    • Predict the hourly departure/arrival throughput of XXIA airport by deep learning approaches.
  • ZBNY airport capacity assessment (2016-2017), ATM Operation Planning and Safety Techniques Key Lab of Tianjin, CAUC
    • Assess the departure/arrival single runway capacity for ZBNY airport before closure.
  • Airborne data link communication simulation software development (2016-2017), CNS/ATM Research Institute, CAUC
    • Participated in XML logic programming and technical report writing for developing airborne data link communication simulation software.
  • Visualization and implementation of aircraft trajectory prediction (2015-2016), Intelligent Signal and Image Processing Key Lab of Tianjin, CAUC
    • Implemented an anisotropic adaptive sampling algorithm and a HMI for 3D trajectory prediction.